Diary of a Broken Soul



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Temptation is all around us, but we have to accept responsibility for how we react to that.  There is no mistaking the seductive voice we often encounter, nor the sweet sentiments we have whispered in our ear.  It is indeed mesmerising and hypnotic.  Yet our own voice can drown out those seductions – if we are willing to use it.  We have the ability to scream as loudly as we want to inside our heads yet we act as if we have been gagged.  If that is the case, we chosen to use that gag – there was nobody there taking away our free will. 

If she is allowed to whisper for too long we lose the resolve to fight against her.  It is only at that stage we realise we have succumbed, and with that we give ourselves over entirely.  She now has ownership of our mind, body and soul. Yes, Lady Seduction would have then claimed another victim, but don’t be under any illusion here – she will not be leaving you to find another.  Oh no.  She will tighten her grip and before you know it you are her prisoner.  You may try to look back at where it all went wrong and if you have the ability for rational thought you may well be able to identify it started with you letting her have her say.  If you do not have the ability for rational thought, you will readily pass the blame to her and absolve yourself of any responsibility.  She will laugh at you for this and tighten her grip just a little more.

As we look at her I cannot help but wonder if it shows how we are sometimes guilty of listening to gossip.  We have all perhaps taken delight in hearing a morsel of half truth, but how many of us make the effort to then seek out the other side of the story before forming an opinion?  What we have presented as truth is just one person's take on it, and sometimes they have a less than honest agenda in the sharing of those whispers….