Diary of a Broken Soul



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A subject we often shy away from, yet we are witness through various forms of media, to how other cultures embrace or welcome it.  So why do we avert our eyes and ears when met with Death?  The one word that comes to mind in an instant is ‘fear’.  We are afraid of what we cannot control, or what we cannot understand.  If we knew what was on the other side, the fear would instantly disappear, but it is not for us to know.  Instead we rely on our beliefs to help us overcome that fear.  To soften the blow we hear talk of transformation or rebirth.  Surely the are both sides of the same coin?  If rebirth is to occur, something has to die beforehand; otherwise it would not be rebirth.  It would just be ‘birth’. When viewed this way we should welcome death instead of dread it.  We may have a character in this scene about to go through that process.  If it is at the hands of others we can hope when he is re-born his new life will be very different to what he has experienced this time around.

It is interesting to see only one of the others from the group is perhaps now considering their own mortality.  Is he having a change of consciousness whereby he has become aware just as he has in his hands the ability to bring about death, so will another entity or energy have the same command over him?  Will this sudden awakening of insight change his actions now?  Will he decide to stop the behaviour of those around him?

So, we have the issue of re-birth a little better understood, but where does that leave us with the issue of transformation?  This is something that can happen within a life time – it is not dependant on the ending of life as is the case of re-birth.  With that in mind we can make huge changes as we plough through on this plane, during this existence.  Those changes can be profound and as there is no turning back, they will be true transformations indeed.  I am sending out thoughts that the character looking up will undergo a transformation in the here and now which could prevent the scythe from coming down on the fallen victim.  Once that brief moment in time has passed, there will be no going back for any of them….