Diary of a Broken Soul



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Imprisoned Instincts


The hand of fate can and will play a part in our journey, but it may not happen as much as we think.  If we were to be objective about the events that surround us, we would see we have often been the masters of our own destiny.  How sad to see here, we have lost that sense of wonder and awe we encountered in the Jester.  Why does this happen?  What leads us to evolve from being a free roaming spirit into one where we readily accept limitations either imposed by others or self imposed?  Does it make us feel good in some way?  That we misguidedly believe we can only experience life through suffering?  Well, I have a thought on that.  Suffering can be liberating if we learn from it and use that as a stepping stone to the light.  If we choose to stay enchained through ego or misguided beliefs, it will not be long before the chains become one with our flesh.  When that happens we accept that as being the natural state of being, forgetting where we have come from, forgetting our dreams.  We become inert and unmoving. 

Here I see the figure is suspended in a web of chains, just as we see spiders in waiting.  Perhaps they have had to undergo a period of inactivity or suspension.  Maybe from their position aloft they are able to see things from a different perspective.  What is clear though, is that the chains are not ensnaring them in any way. The time will come though where they MUST make a move. Otherwise the chains will become tighter making escape more and more difficult.  Once those chains dig into the flesh and merge with their life force it could be too late for them welcome that sense of freedom…..