Diary of a Broken Soul



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If we choose to take solace in our own company we can escape the attentions and energies of others, but there is one energy we cannot avoid – that of our own.  It comes with us whether we like it or not.  Therefore when we retreat we are not really escaping but may be kidding ourselves that we are.  In fact it is during those times of solitude we have no choice but to become aware of our true selves and our true paths, as that voice by default has become the only one we can hear.  It will come across loud and clear above the silence around us.  

Here we see someone has placed a mirror on the castle wall. How many of us would hurry past it, and how many of us would pause and reflect? We may choose not to take long hard look at ourselves but that mirror will always reflect the truth.  We can decide to stand in front of it and accept what we see, or we may find others leave us no escape route, whereby we have to take a look in that mirror.  Are they acting out of spite, or are they doing it with good intent?  Only they will know the answer to that.  When met with this image we have yet more choices.  We can open our arms and embrace what we see, whilst at the same time being open to change or we can fold our arms, choosing to deny what is there.  If the latter we have to accept the only person we are deluding are ourselves. Being in retreat and taking a look at ourselves is a complex path indeed……