Diary of a Broken Soul



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No blindfolded lady holding these scales or sword.  Oh no.  Their eyes look at us, to the extent they are almost looking through us, taunting us to call their bluff. They can see clearly and have full awareness of their actions and repercussions.  They will proceed purely on what is presented to them as opposed to looking beyond and within.  They cannot say they acted with blind faith, and such are fully accountable for any personal deeds.  Do they act independently I wonder.  Will one of the ladies take responsibility for weighing up our lives with the other then deciding whether corrective action is needed or not?  Is it right to have two energies involved in the decision making process, or should only one entity act as both judge and jury?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing two beings instead of one decide our fate?  Can we really trust they will be fair and true, or is there a chance that devil in the background may move up and sit on their shoulders as they contemplate our fate?  Or does the devil represent our fears as we stand before them? If so, we may already have an idea as to what is about to follow.

Whatever the outcome we can know they will not act in haste.  Look at how they are both watching us intently.  They will do so for as long as is needed before showing how the scales are balanced….