Diary of a Broken Soul



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The meeting of opposites can create a fulfilling composite.  The sun and moon cannot meet yet they are consorts.  When they are able to meet the sun has the capacity to fire up the emotions.  The Moon has the ability to calm and sooth solar fires.  When viewed this way, they have the ability to harmonise excesses in the other. One thing is most definitely apparent:  one will not allow existence on our plane without the presence of their opposite. 

When they appear to meet through the illusion of an eclipse, we all stand in wonder, celebrating the brief union.  We also see how the balance of power can shift during that period of eclipse.  When the sun gains strength, we see that light is the most prominent energy, even though it erupts through the tiniest of gaps.  When the moon has overshadowed the sun in its entirety, darkness will prevail.  Yet neither state stays inert for long.  This shows both can affect the other, albeit briefly before they again go their separate ways.  Each has the ability to overshadow the other, but there is always movement allowing the status quo to again be restored. 

So how does this reflect on what we experience when we believe we have found that elusive thing called Love?  Differences in character, personality and outlook when combined enhance the whole.  Sometimes those differences cause the individuals involved to develop skills such as tolerance, compromise and compassion.  Other times, it can lead to a parting of the ways due to the fact one or more of the parties are not open to the energies of the other.  Perhaps we should learn from the moon and the sun.  They have so much they can teach us about co-existing in order to create and sustain life.  That we can live in our own space yet at the same time be part of the destined partnership…