Diary of a Broken Soul



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Sometimes our own voice is not the best voice of reason to follow.  When that happens we are prone or tempted to turn to the voice of another, assuming it is more informed.  I agree at times, we do need to turn our focus outwards and take on board the sayings of those who are more knowledgeable.  After all, we have to understand we ourselves, are not the fonts of all knowledge.  Yet how do we discern who we should be listening to?  How do we know they are talking from the heart with honest intentions?  Sometimes we only learn that with the passing of time.  That awareness (sometimes painful) can stand us in good stead if faced again with similar energies. For now all I can suggest is this: The true soothsayer will accept we have to be discerning with what we take on and what we discard.  The charlatan will try and instil in us the belief we have to take everything they say as being gospel.  We have the right to follow our own path.  If we are allowed to do so with wise counsel we flourish, thus enhancing our lives.  If we are not allowed to do so, or choose to follow the doctrine we are met with it can only lead to a death – the death of our true selves. 

Is our soothsayer trying to help the souls of those who have ‘died’? Or is he the cause of their death……