Diary of a Broken Soul



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Our Emperor gives the impression he has mastery and control not dissimilar to the Magician.  Yet his mastery and control is over a domain as opposed to the elements. 

Has the dragon been overcome or is it willingly subservient?  I suspect the former.  Why?  If it tries to move or shake off its master, that sword will no doubt be bought into play.  I suspect he doesn’t have to use the sword very often, but the fact it is present and an obvious threat is enough to ensure all around him know and maintain their place.  That level of power does come with responsibility, and as with previous characters we have encountered, there is a fine line between being in control and being controlling.  It goes without saying, someone has to step up and take that role.  Get it right, we laud their skills of leadership.  Should that power be abused, we as the subjects stay silent, afraid to speak out in case of repercussions. 

Which begs the question – if the Emperor is not met with opposition is he aware of his shortfalls and strengths?  Will it only be a matter of time before those under him do begin to stir? Those roses above his dragon throne may give an indication of his compassion but remember – behind every rose is a thorn.  We would do well not to underestimate him……