Diary of a Broken Soul



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How the Empress commands our eye to be drawn to her, yet at the same time, she holds us at arms length if we try to get too close.  Just look at the two heads of the serpent if you don’t believe me.  They so want to be enveloped in her soft feminine flesh and round breasts, yet she is allowing them to get only so close before holding them at bay.  We know she is approachable and will invite us to share in an embrace, but at the same time she is aloof and dignified – just as an Empress should be.  Nor will she expose more of herself than is appropriate.  She knows where the line is between being a harlot and being a woman. 

This lady does indeed have an aura of strong personal power – a power that will not be relinquished.  Look at how the roses have got together to produce the carpet on which she walks.  The petals know they may be crushed underfoot, yet they welcome this, knowing new life will be created in due time.  Because our Empress is in fact the creator of life, but will have no qualms about destroying it also if it is to make way for new growth.  With this in mind, we would do well to respect her energies and capabilities.  If she feels her subjects have become passively subservient she will indeed crush them, but she will do so with compassion, believing it will lead to them returning with their own enhanced personal power and strength. I guess she will be cruel to be kind should the need arise…..