Diary of a Broken Soul



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So, this mistress is riding the night sky is she?  How fitting is that.  We, as earthbound mortals may not be able to make sense of what the stars are telling us, but she not only can read what they say, she is able to write back.  There is a two-way communication taking place yet no words are spoken.  No words are necessary in the case where true attunement and understanding take place. This shows she is working at a higher vibration and dimension than what we are traditionally taught to do.  Yet we could also access those planes and in turn those universal secrets.  However it is down to us to reach those planes.  They will not come to us. We have to prove our worth and show we have evolved to the extent we can put that knowledge to good use.  And yes, we will only be able to attain to that level when we are ready to do so on all levels of our being.  Otherwise what we learn or see would be too much for us to take on board.  For some of us, that may be a little beyond our means – for now.  It would require us to tap into our own inner wisdom before we are able to unify that with the universal wisdom.  Just think of the power that could be unleashed if the two could be married!  At the worst it could be misused and suffering could follow, not just for us but also for others who had the misfortune if being on our path at that time. At best we tap into realms of communication opening so many more doors for us to walk through.  What is on the other side of those doors is another story indeed…..