Diary of a Broken Soul



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Ah, our mythical beast here is focussed on making something from nothing.  Harnessing the power of mind, body and spirit he has mastered the properties of the tools he has at his disposal – the cup, wand, sword and pentacle.  Intense is his focus and belief, yet I wonder if he has become trapped within the circle, bound by his own desire and want.  I really do doubt if he would be able to break free from the circle he has created but it does raise the question – has his desire imprisoned him, or has he become master of his desire?  How long will he be there, trying again and again to create and manifest what he has his heart set on?  Does this show commitment or does it perhaps portray a sense of futility?  Are we led to believe what he is offering is not quite enough?  If so, what else does he have to give?  How pure are his intentions?  Maybe if harnessed with the greatest good in mind he will find it will be forthcoming sooner than he thinks…..