Diary of a Broken Soul


Readings with Ash Abdullah's
Diary of a Broken Soul *


The complete Diary of a Broken Soul differs from the Majors-Only deck in that a few cards were redesigned for the final, full release.
The album Imagination Lost by Edmund Welles features Diary's 8 of Cups as the cover art.
Photograph of the Diary of a Broken Soul

Jahanam Awaits You

Just as you believe you have ascended to the plane of true insight, your eyes are opened wide

All around you here you see aspects and facets of yourself, the existence of which for years you have denied

Having got this far, let us present you with your choices, including those of turning back or following through

Any decision you make is to take into account something precious you own – free will, and in that my friend, lies an important clue

Nobody will interfere with what you do, or guide you as to which path you should follow

Any word or deed originating from you, will either be taken up by the light or absorbed to become shadow

Many have gone before you, and we have no doubt there will be many more whose time will come

All believing as humans they have the monopoly on traits they see as valuable, including those of compassion and wisdom

Well, here in Janaham, us natives know otherwise – we see the effects of the wars caused by man, and the fall out which then ensues

Actions which could be so different to bring about change, but sadly, instead are twisted and distorted with the intent being only of abuse

I hope your visit will bring about change, both in you and in how you affect the world around you on your return

Telling your kith and kin that although they may come to believe they know everything, there is in fact so much they have yet to learn

Some day change across the landscape will be permanent, but time will need to pass before that becomes the norm

Yesterday will be but just a memory, with the heartache and guilt being washed away by the destructive but cleansing storm

Only you can take that message back, so a great weight of responsibility may be your destined cross to bear

Until such time you do return please enjoy your stay with us, and give of yourself to our guiding love and care

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Major Arcana

The Jester The Magician The Priestess The Empress The Emperor The Soothsayer
Jester Magician Priestess Empress Emperor Soothsayer
The Lovers The Charioteer Duality The Hermit Imprisoned Instincts Strength
Lovers Charioteer Duality Hermit Instincts Strength
The Hanged One Death Temperance The Devil The Tower The Star
Hanged One Death Temperance Devil Tower Star
The Moon The Sun Redemption The World
  Moon Sun Redemption World  


Minor Arcana

Number Cards

  Clubs Hearts Spades Diamonds  
Ace Ace of Clubs Ace of Hearts Ace of Spades Ace of Diamonds Kether
2 2 of Clubs 2 of Hearts 2 of Spades 2 of Diamonds Chokmah
3 3 of Clubs 3 of Hearts 3 of Spades 3 of Diamonds Binah
4 4 of Clubs 4 of Hearts 4 of Spades 4 of Diamonds Chesed
5 5 of Clubs 5 of Hearts 5 of Spades 5 of Diamonds Geburah
6 6 of Clubs 6 of Hearts 6 of Spades 6 of Diamonds Tiphareth
7 7 of Clubs 7 of Hearts 7 of Spades 7 of Diamonds Netzach
8 8 of Clubs 8 of Hearts 8 of Spades 8 of Diamonds Hod
9 9 of Clubs 9 of Hearts 9 of Spades 9 of Diamonds Yesod
10 10 of Clubs 10 of Hearts 10 of Spades 10 of Diamonds Malkuth
  Fire Water Air Earth  


Court Cards

  Clubs Hearts Spades Diamonds  
Page Page of Clubs Page of Hearts Page of Spades Page of Diamonds Earth
Knight Jack of Clubs Jack of Hearts Jack of Spades Jack of Diamonds Air
Queen Queen of Clubs Queen of Hearts Queen of Spades Queen of Diamonds Water
King King of Clubs King of Hearts King of Spades King of Diamonds Fire
  Fire Water Air Earth  


The Diary of a Broken Soul differs from the Majors-Only deck in that a few cards were redesigned for the final, full release.